The perfect time to start a business

What’s the perfect time to start a business?

Planting a tree

A bit like planting a tree, the best time was probably around ten years ago.

If we’d taken action ten years ago we’d sitting in the shade of that tree. looking back at a successful business and planning our retirement over a nice cold drink.

We cannot go back and change history, but we can learn from the past and avoid repeating past mistakes. For instance we can avoid starting a business (or any other major undertaking) at the worst possible time.

OK, so what is the worst time and how can we avoid it?

Well, I know the worst time to start is tomorrow. Because there is always a tomorrow. and as we all know, tomorrow never comes.

There are always distractions

To help with this, I’d like to tell you a quick story about a well-known writer.

After he’d become quite successful, a lot of his wealthy friends started inviting him to their beautiful homes.

So, he’d whisk off to the south of France. Or he’d hop on over and stay at a friend’s Swiss ski chalet.

All in hopes to find inspiration and creativity, so he could get writing done from these exotic locations.

Yet, this rarely happened.

There were always distractions.

Always so many things to do.

Always the “allure” of a bigger, better home. A better time and place to focus and get work done.

Yet, his writer’s block, his insecurities, his procrastinating habits, they tagged along everywhere he went. There would always be another time (tomorrow), another place.

So, here’s the big takeaway from this short story.

We tell ourselves we need the perfect time, the perfect place, the perfect setting before we finally will buckle down, get serious, and start.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Got to get the right chair, or computer, or ideal schedule first…

And yet,  as author Ryan Holiday, who relates this story says, this is self deceit at it’s finest.

Better to be adaptable.

Better to be able to to what we need to do, anywhere, anytime.

Better to just start. Here and now.

It’s advice that I’m happy to give, because it’s advice that I’ve taken myself. And, like planting that tree, I wish I’d taken it much sooner.