Manage your distractions. Work less. Earn more.

In the early days of having my own business  I thought that  an on-line business meant that I had to spend my entire day on-line.  As a result I wasted many unproductive hours each week.
The reason was because, like many people coming from a salaried background, I equated time with rewards. So you can imagine that I felt pretty frustrated when I was putting in full time hours for part time returns. It seemed like the more time I put in the less productive I became.
You see, it took me a long time to discover that it was not a lack of time or money or skill that was keeping me from making a good living. It was simply  life’s daily distractions that that were eating into my productivity.

I discovered that you must manage. your. distractions. By managing your distractions, you will:

  • Work significantly less hours
  • Double or triple your income.
  • Eliminate a lot of stress.

For me the distractions that popped up every time I turned on the laptop were Facebook,, Email, Youtube, and Twitter (to name just a few).

Like me, many people get caught up in a loop where they just check these sites over and over and over again, all day. Just to give themselves a little dopamine hit.

Just a quick inbox or Facebook check can steal hours of your day.

So what do I suggest  to combat this?

It’s nothing extreme. I believe it is very simple and sensible.

There’s no need  to delete any accounts or avoid sites you actually enjoy visiting.

Like the rest of things you’d like to do each day, I simply recommend that you build it into  your daily routine.

If you do that, then you look forward to it and you can enjoy it, guilt free.

Best of all it doesn’t interfere with your business.

But you ideally would build it into your afternoons.

Just schedule it in.  Say, at 3:30pm every day, I will give myself 45 minutes to check my email, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else. That’s all it takes. I know that I can do all I need to do in 45 minutes.

Be strict on this. Try it for a week.

If you really must access one of these sites before or after this period, then you need to get in and out fast. Don’t let yourself get sucked in. Go in for what you intend to, and exit promptly.

You’d be amazed at how much more you’ll get done. How much happier you’ll feel. And that you aren’t missing out on anything at all.

It’s little habits like this that can make the difference from a $0-figure income, to a 6-figure plus income online.

And, it’ll give you more time to stick to  program, that’s proven to bring in big sales commissions,  just like I’ve been doing this past year to build my own on-line business.

If you’re ready to manage your distractions by building them into your days, then you can  follow these 21-steps  to a 6-figure plus income.